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I am such a particular person when it comes to the products I use and yours is truly outstanding.
I will continue to always buy this wonderful product as long as you sell it.
I can't live without your product now, my nails look amazing!
Thanks again,

Hi Chris,
Just thought I should send you some photos to show you how great your products have worked for me. The "before" photos (obvious which ones they are) were taken on December 5, 2012. The "after" photos were taken today, November 6, 2013. I probably should have delayed sending these until it had been exactly one year, but I couldn't wait to show you!

Here's my story: Breaking, splitting, tearing, flimsy, weak...all synonyms for my fingernails throughout my entire life. Since I was never able to grow fingernails, I wore acrylic nails for over 30 years and finally got exasperated with the time and money invested to keep them looking nice.

Saw your name on Twitter, checked out your website, and decided to order your products. The next day, on December 5, 2012, I had the acrylics removed. The detrimental effects of wearing acrylics for decades was obvious. My nails were full of ridges and swirls from the grinding tools used with acrylics. They were thinner than paper and while the "before" photos seem to show the nails had some length, they were so weak that by the next day all of the nails had ripped down to the quick.

I've been using your oil and your night treatment religiously for 11 months. While I saw a bit of improvement within a few weeks, I got discouraged when the nails kept ripping and splitting. Sometimes they were so short they looked like I had been chewing them until they bled. Let's be clear: I had worn acrylics for years and years...this wasn't a problem that could be repaired overnight. I decided to be patient and dedicated to using your products. I never missed a day of using Rx4Nails - I kept the products on my nightstand, in my purse, in my car, and at work so I would never be without.

11 months later I have to say that the improvement is beyond obvious. Just look at the photos and see how much healthier my nails appear. I've always had nasty cuticles and Rx4Nails greatly improved those also - no more jagged, hard, ugly cuticles. Let's not forget that living in Minnesota means harsh weather that is hard on hands/nails - thank goodness for your products. I can't imagine going through a winter without them.

So here is the real joy for me - three different strangers told me last week that my nails looked "really nice" and "so healthy" and "very pretty" and asked "how do you keep them looking so nice?" Hmmm...guess what I told them?! I have never been complimented before on my natural nails! Along with no more time-sucking trips to the salon for acrylics I've been told my natural nails are attractive. What a treat!

Thank you so much for your wonderful products! I'm glad I held out and stuck with it...your willingness to answer all my questions and the time you took to give me encouragement was also greatly appreciated. It's obvious you are passionate about Rx4Nails and you should be very proud that you have created something that is so amazingly beneficial in helping people like me with problem nails.

Most sincerely,
Minneapolis, Minnesota

P.S. I recently broke a bone in my foot and in the process lost half a toenail on one toe. I'll be trying Rx4Nails to help in the regrowth! I'm out of job for the next few weeks so I'll have to wait to reorder, but be assured I'll be sending you an order for more of your oil and night treatment. Thanks again!! God bless and thanks for being a "made in the USA" product, too!!

Dry Skin Relief
Now that winter is coming and I am wearing long socks again the skin under the socks dries out quickly. However, when I roll on some Rx4Nails Platinum and massage it in my legs stay flake free for several days. Who knew ? ... Johnny

Joann wrote: Thanks Chris,
You really have a great product - nothing on the market like it. It just feeds your nails (and mine are abused!). Most other products have a nail polish like finish. Keep it up!

Kathie wrote: "this oil is so wonderful...I rub it into my hands and face...absorbs beautifully! Love it so much, I've ordered more! I spend all weekend rubbing it into my bare nails and my nails now look beautiful. White and healthy! Bravo Chris for a fabulous product!!!"

I used to have nails hard as steel, but now I have a vitamin absorption problem. A few months ago my nails were soft, brittle, split, and chipped...very painful. I tried every product on the market, and sought aid from my doctor to no avail.
Then I tried Rx4Nails. This stuff really works! After 60 days my nails were greatly improved and now after 90 days they’re getting better every day. Buy a BIG BOTTLE and save money because you will be reordering!

Gluten-Free Makeup Gal Review Gluten-Free Nail Treatment That Works!

Hi Chris,

Well, what can I say! The complete skeptic has been proven wrong! I am a reformed nail biter & I have had nails I have been totally ashamed of for most of my life! I have tried EVERY product on the market and spent a fortune in pursuit of half decent nails - none of it has worked! In the end I resorted to acrylics but weirdly they made me claustrophobic! I came across RX4Nails during one of many google searches trying to get better nails! I bought a bottle - thinking it was worth a try but not really believing it would work! My nails crack, split and peel and are so thin they snap and rip daily! I have now been using this stuff for just over 2 weeks and I can't believe the difference!!!!!!! The pictures of my before & after speak volumes! No more peeling, no more snapping! My nails feel strong, they are looking healthy and for the first time in my life I can see my nails past the tip of my fingers! It's a miracle! This stuff is amazing - please keep on making it forever!!!!!

Emma, Lancashire UK

Review By Two Classy Chics Opens in a New Window

Review By Spontaneous Chick

When RX4Nails offered to send me a bottle of their nail oil, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out. To put it lightly, my nails were severely dry and breaking constantly because I type and text a lot and I wash my hands constantly. I needed something to make them strong again and with as little effort as possible.

The Company Claims:

“Organic fingernail and cuticle oil for longer, stronger, healthier nails. Guaranteed”!

“Just two drops twice daily if this natural, organic fingernail and cuticle oil restores nail health and gives you nails you’ve always dreamed of…And it’s 100% guaranteed”!

It was the word guaranteed that did it for me.

RX4Nails Review:

When I first started using the oil I wore polish at all times which the company told me was ok to do. I applied the oil on top of my manicure, over my cuticles and under my nails and continued to go about my life the way I normally do. I wasn’t able to see any immediate results, but I did notice that after a few days my nails weren’t bending or chipping. The dry white spots disappeared as well so that my nails looked healthy and shiny. Best of all, because they weren’t falling apart all the time, they kept on growing longer and longer.

Eventually I wanted to see what would happen if I wasn’t wearing polish so I went au natural for a few days and my friends who have never seen me without polish on actually gawked when they noticed this. There was really no difference. The product worked just as well for me as it did when I had a manicure which I found to be surprising because I thought that without the barrier I might see an even bigger difference. This isn’t a bad thing though because it goes to show that the RX4Nails oil actually works and you don’t have to feel unattractive for it to do so.

Would I buy this product in the future? Absolutely! It did what it said it would, was easy to use and it comes with a guarantee.

Read More: http://www.spontaneouschick.com/2012/07/02/rx4nails/


Hi Chris
This is my after 2 wk picture. I previously sent u before & after 1week & u asked me to send u after 2 wks so here it is. This stuff is amazing I will never be without it. Anyway thank u for this product I am telling everyone about it.

Oh yes I will definetly let them grow. I have always wanted long nails but can never grow them. I am so excited about this product. You can see my thumb nail on my right hand or the middle finger of my left hand but both of those nails were completely pulled off at two different times. One was when I was wearing sculptured nails & I hit it and it pulled my complete nail off. The middle finger of my left hand I slipped and slid down a paved road and it took the whole end of my finger almost completely off they were able to restitch it but I have problems growing a nail there also so I am so hoping this will work. Thank you again & I will send you an updated picture in another week. Have a very blessed day.

Marie McDowell


I have been struggling for years with nails that peel, split, crack and break. The only time they are longer than the end of the nail bed is when I had acrylics ... but, as I am an ER nurse performing HANDS ON bedside care, I am not allowed to wear the acrylics any longer. I have tried about 10 different nail products and systems in the last 5 years to try to strengthen my nails. I put "weak, splitting nails" into ask.com and got a bunch of results.

As I explored them, I decided your product looked promising. Partly because you have a nurse's testimonial, partly because your product is all natural and partly because the price is VERY reasonable. I decided it was worth a try. I will continue to use my current nail polish/strengthener while using your product as I need SOMETHING on my nails at work to protect them or they will tear if I look at them ... I know that nails are dead tissue and I use a good thick cream on my cuticles and nail beds every night and at least twice a day on my days off. I have had no luck with many commercial cuticle oils and find that they in fact DRY my cuticles out in the end.

I am looking forward to receiving my order and starting the new regimen. I will let you know how it goes.



A testimony on the effectiveness of RX4Nails oil.

"For more than three years now, the nail on the middle finger of my left hand would start to split. I would cut it close so as not to catch it on anything.At one time, I tried rubbing different types of hand cream into it, with no success. After a while, the nail would grow out and be whole again only to start the “routine” all over again down the line.

For some reason, this year it started again, but with a twist: a dark ridge in the nail that started at the cuticle ran down the length of the nail and ended up right where the nail was splitting. This was worse than it has been in the past. After a few weeks of fighting this again, I finally searched the Internet for a cure, and in my search found RX4Nails. I decided I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying their formula. While awaiting the order to arrive, I noticed the ring finger and “pinkie” finger nails on the same hand were starting to split also!

The oil arrived and I immediately started using it twice a day, as recommended. Within 2 weeks the splits on my ring finger and “pinkie” finger nails were gone! The split on my middle finger, however, was still there and I had to keep trimming it. I kept putting the oil on my nails twice a day and now, after a month and a half, that stubborn nail is now healing! At this point I’ve only got a small 1/8” split and the dark ridge is gone! There is a ridge, but very slight as it is disappearing also."


"My right hand has not been plagued with split nails, but I have had ridges in them for a few years, now. Since using RX4Nails on the nails of both hands, the ridges have lessened considerably. Because of this, I expect them to disappear over time.

I highly recommend RX4Nails for anyone who is has a problem with their nails splitting. Apparently, there is something in the oil that helps strengthen the nails and possibly replacing a “missing element” that is badly needed by the nails."


Rob Ladely
Bremerton, WA




"I thought I'd let you know that your oil has done wonders for my nails! In particular, the middle nail on my left hand! The nail has all but completely healed. I'd say 99%, anyway - there's just a small area on the end that still has a nick in it, but the bulk of the nail doesn't show any more signs of splitting. Considering the severity of the splitting on that nail, it didn't surprise me that it has taken this long to heal. Once that nick is grown out, it should be fine.

Also, the middle nail on my right hand was smashed with a large board when I was about 4 or 5, causing it to grow a second layer of nail on top of the existing one. Since using your oil, the second layer has disappeared! The nail actually looks normal, now."

"It's been a long time coming but I want to tell you I love your nail product! The first thing I noticed was my cuticles. I've always had trouble with them tearing and splitting but now they're as smooth as can be. My nails are stronger and longer, too. The funny thing is I haven't been following your instructions - I've only been using it once a day instead of the 2 or 3 times you recommend. That wasn't on purpose - I lost the instructions. :) Anyway, I can just imagine how pleased I would be if I had been doing things right."

- Pam Marshall, GA

"I work at a cardiologist office and per diem in the ER and have many people tell me my nails are gorgeous. I have a little bottle with me in my lab coat most times, and have given your email address out quite a bit. When I get the oil on my scrubs...dawn dish detergent on the oil 'lifts it off' with no shadow of oil left."

- Donna Hogan, North Attleboro Ma.

"Thank you SO much for the nail oil. My husband ripped into the box like a crazed man ... told him "Hands off"- excuse the pun!! But gave him one for his own use ... See what you have created??"

- Allison T. Kennewick, WA

"Thank you so much for this Rx4 Nails stuff. Does it work? For the first time in years and years and years and years - at least 20 - I have long, beautiful, STRONG nails. All my life I've been a nail-biter, but when I put this stuff on, I didn't have a desire to bite. I think because it softened the edges of the skin around my nails so they weren't constantly irritatingly dry, which is what caused me to put them in my mouth: to moisten them. I've followed the instructions and kept a bottle by my computer, and the sight of it would remind me to put it on if not first thing in the morning, at least before lunch, and then just before I'd leave for the day. Something else I've noticed is that even though I put a drop on each nail - I know you say to use one drop for five nails, but I'm the kind of person who says if a little works, a lot will work a lot better! - anyway, even though I put a drop on each nail, I am not dripping oil. It soaks right in! I do wipe off the bottoms of the nails I use to rub in the oil, but that's all, and no residue on my keyboard. This stuff is AMAZING!

I have given some of this stuff to my grown daughter in Oregon (dry skin around her nails) and to my nail-biting grown son in Florida, so if you haven’t been nationwide before this, you are now! I'll be seeing them both next weekend and will write again to tell you what they think of Rx4Nails for them, and what they they of me - whom they have never seen with long nails!


- Karen, Louisiana

"PS: You should see my toenails! I put some stuff on them maybe 2-3 times over the last month. This bigger bottle is a much better size for reachability. I put some on my toes once yesterday and twice today, and already the hardened skin is moving back from being stretched across the nails (because before, I couldn't reach to take care of those cuticles). This is one more step toward the transformation of me physically! And one more reason to stick with it because I'm already being transformed even in my toes!"

"A number of weeks ago I purchased two small vials of your product for my wife to try. She is 66 years old and has never been able to grow fingernails. They would grow and as soon as they got to a decent length they would split at the base.

After using your product for a few weeks her nails were growing out strong and hard for the first time in her life. Your product is amazing. We have since placed a second order."

Thank you,
- John Treible and especially Georgieann Treible


"Your product has made such a difference for me, I have never been able to grow nails, tried acrylic for a while, but they don't fit my profession, now I can display my hands with pride and not have to be embarrassed. Thank you so much for sharing your discovery."

- Marianne

"PS, I am 45 years old and never had good nails until I tried Rx 4 Nails."


"I just received my oil a few days ago, and I already see and feel a difference. I am ordering more for my purse since I am out in the field all day. Thank you!"

- Janet

"I will tell EVERYBODY!! Thanks again, I am one happy customer!! Bless you for developing it!"

Hi Chris,

"Yes I am now addicted to it and have given my other two bottles away to help other nail sufferers, I will keep spreading the word. Just had a manicure in prep for a wedding, told the lady there too, so proud of my long nails, they had to have a French manicure.

Please feel free to use my testimonial, you can also include that you now have costumers in Denmark, my girlfriend is addicted, has always had good nails, but now her cuticles are looking great too."

- Thanks, Marianne

"PS, Just posted you on my Facebook page, not that I have 7000 friends, but I do have a few."

"It only took two days of use to recognize a superior product."

- Thanks, Phillip Gordon



"Dear Chris -- The two bottles of Rx4Nails arrived. Thank you for the extra bottle. Too bad all companies don't provide service and have the philosophy about service that you do. 
Thanks again."

- Betty Schwicker

"You could also quote me as saying that the Rx4Nails really works. My nails had been peeling near the tips, and I finally have the longer, stronger nails with no peeling, as I did when I was younger."

"I found your site by looking up peeling nails on the internet. Your product came up among other product endorsements but I felt your product might just do the trick for me. I have used the product for over a month and really love it. It does exactly what you said it would."

- Mary Ann

"I have never written a product review before but I am so impressed with Rx4Nails that I had to let you know how much I like it. Within a few days of using the product I saw results. Now a month later my nails no longer peel, look better and are stronger. Thank you so much for this product. I just ordered the new 15ml bottle."

- Mary Kunnecke

"Hi Chris. The gels are off, and my nails look terrible underneath!!! But I've been using your product since Jan. 31st, and the new growth looks thick and healthy. I'll have to wait until all the old growth is gone until they really look good, but I'm loving the product and feel it's doing just what you said it would."

- Yeah!!!--Kathy

"I love this it is a miracle! Today for the first time in my life I bent a nail back by accident of course and IT DID NOT break, never has that happened in 56 years! 

- Cyd Goodrich

"I am at 3 1/2 weeks and I can see tips of nails past the end of my fingers. They are still breaking, but I spend 3 hrs per week in the pool at the Y. They are much stronger and I can feel the difference. I am ordering more now so that I don't run out. Thank you!!"


"I have an Awesome Blessing! My nails are starting to grow and little by little have stopped splitting! I think it took longer than others because they were so damaged! I also have to use a lot of hand sanitizer at my job! I think that dried my nails out! Well, keep up the good work, I will keep you posted! I have Faith my nails will get healthier and stronger day by day! You are Truly Gifted and may God continue to Bless You!"

- Your Happy Friend, Lori

"I love Rx4Nails! I have faithfully used the product once a day for the last month and my nails look and feel amazing. I previously had problems with chipping and peeling nails. I've tried other products including Avon, Prostrength, and Sally Hansen. This product surpasses them all and is affordable. My nails are strong and beautiful now. I will not be without my Rx4Nails!"

- Angela Y. from Ohio

"Hi Chris,

I don’t expect you to remember everyone you are in contact with, but I sent you photo’s not too long ago with my “before” nails. Then I became discouraged because it didn’t seem like it was going to work.

Well, I just wanted to let you know that it is working and my nails are growing. I can’t believe it. I think in a couple of weeks I will go for a manicure. I’ll send new pictures.

I’m so glad I hung in there."

Thank you,
- Nancy K from Arizona

"A friend gave me a bottle 3 weeks ago for my birthday. I cannot believe the improvement in my "soft and peeling all of my life nails" since I've been using this. It's a great product and I'm completely SOLD! I've tried everything there is on the market and was so skeptical about this but it is an AWESOME product!"

- Judy S. from Georgia

"The product is working for me. I’m in our pool almost every day, so my nails get stressed. It has taken the full 6 weeks, but the one nail that always layers off, is finally growing without any layering. I’m going to tell all my friends."

- Connie

"I am happy to report that, while I won't be prying stuff up with my nails, they are, for the first time EVER -- NOT peeling, ripping, tearing, and layering. I keep them short for guitar playing and have acrylics on my "pickin'" hand, but they are occasionally allowed to grow out and when they do I have no problems.

--A happy customer, but I've run out and brand X just doesn't do the magic your Rx4Nails does. Thanks for making a product that does what you say it will."

- Suzanne


"Chris, I just love your product, Rx4Nails. I have always had thin, brittle, peeling nails. Since I started using Rx4nails, my nails have improved dramatically and I am actually not ashamed of them anymore.

I have done the acrylic gamut a couple of times and more recently, the gel, shellac manicure. Although I loved the look, they all have damaged my own nails. Hopefully I will be able to acheive that beautiful look with my own nails in a couple more months."

- Thank you creating this wonderful product. Jeannie


"This is the best product out there for healing damaged nails. I have been using this product for about one year and I will never give it up. I use it for my pinky toenails you know sometimes there is no nails there. Well this worked for me!! I love love this product. RX4NAILS IS A MIRACLE CURE FOR NAILS!"

- Denese

I Use It With Polish Too!

"Chris, I have been using your fabulous product for almost 3 months now. I have already written a testimonial saying how much I love my nails and that I wasn’t ashamed of them anymore. Now after 3 months I can say that I am proud of my nails. I am 72 years old and I have NEVER had a decent looking nail. Not only are they long, but really strong with beautiful white tips and my cuticles are healthy looking. I have used some much “stuff” trying to get healthy nail sand I can hardly believe these are my nails.

I am using the oil twice a day. Most of the time I go without polish. But when I have polish on I put the oil under the nail tips and spread it on my cuticles. I am telling all my friends about Rx4Nails. I have not had a professional manicure since I started using the oil, but my nails look as if I have. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this wonderful product. You should receive a medal.

And you can use this on your website, if you like."

- Jeannie (a prior nail-challenged friend), Jacksonville, FL


"I've been a manicurist for 32 years, and I've worn acrylic nails for most of that time. I decided to let my nails breathe by letting the acrylics grow off, using Rx4Nails as a transition. I was totally amazed at how my nails grew out. I can't believe they're "my"nails! They're stronger and the cuticles are very supple. Overall, my nails are very healthy now, thanks to Rx4Nails--it's a manicurists choice."

- Susan Fangman Owner/manicurist/stylist Mane Attraction Pasco, WA 


"Dear Chris:

I am sending you a picture of my beautiful nails treated with Rx. It is the first time in 71 years that I have nails and don't have to worry about them breaking, cracking, peeling or splitting. Unfortunately I can't retrieve the before picture. This is the best product I have ever used on my nails. I tell everybody about your product."

- Thanks again, Gretchen Westerfield


I love your product!!

I have always had the most beautiful, strong nails. For the first time in my life (I’m 72), my nails started to crack and chip all the way down to the bottom. I was worried, so I thought I would try your product. I figured it couldn’t hurt, but I was skeptical. My nails are now restored to their original strength and beauty, thanks to RX4Nails. I took before and after photos, but have not loaded them yet. Not sure how good they are, but I will send them along to you, if they are good enough."

God Bless,
Anna Mae


"I love the product. Before finding out about the product I previously used everything under the sun on my nails.But nothing seemed to work. Then I discovered your product. I couldn't be happier. The only down side is I misplaced one of my three bottles, so i'm now ordering three more. I'm not getting anything to write this comment this product really makes my nails grow longer, and very strong. Thank you very much . I will continue to purchase this nail product, as long as my nails continue to grow as beautifully as they have in the past with it."

- Veronica

"Thank you so much for my nail oil! My nails are really growing now and are pretty. I am very excited and my husband likes me to scratch his back. I am telling all the ladies at church about your oil. I play Keno monthly with them and I'll put one of the bottles in a bag with a card and give it as a gift. Then I am keeping the other bottle, hahahaha. I am enjoying it very much."

- Mia Wagner, Cleburne Texas 

"Hi Chris. I have been using your RX4 Nails for 11 weeks now and I can not begin to tell you how much better my nails look. For 3 years I have had problems with my nails. Cracking, chipping, peeling and so soft that I was constantly having to clip them because of not growing right. Well 3 years ago I wanted my nails pretty for my daughter wedding, so I decided to start working on the appearance of my nails. Never bothered me before since I garden a lot and naturally gardening and nice nails do not go hand in hand, especially if you don't wear gloves. Well, I can truthfully tell you I TRIED EVERYTHING under the sun to try and improve my nails. Nothing worked. UNTIL I found your RX4 Nails advertised in the Wonderful Woman's Network. I didn't think it would work but I thought what the hell, one more thing to try.

I recommended your stuff to everyone I know. My nails haven't been this strong and nice looking since I was pregnant with my daughter. I love your RX4 nails and will never have to look for anything for them again. Please do not ever stop making this stuff."

- Sincerely, Vicki Hein
Rockport, Texas

"PS. Please feel free to use my letter as is or you have my permission to edit as you see fit. And I am sorry it took so long to respond. I fthere is anything more I can do to help the sale of your product, so you don't stop makingit, please feel free to let me know. I LOVE THIS STUFF. "


"I just found your website online about 10 months ago. I tried your product, and using it religiously 2 times a day, after a period of several months I saw a great improvement in my nails. I suffered for years with chipping, breaking, brittle nails. Spent at least 9 years with acrylics, then decided to go au naturel. Still the nails were awful, so I found you online and decided to try your product. With persverence and some time, my nails were much improved."

- Thank you. F.P.W.

"Dear Chris,

I hope you are well. I just want to let you know that my Rx4Nails arrived on Saturday! That is almost overnight shipping :-) I'm so happy that I found you. This has made a real difference in my nails and I gave one of my bottles to my daughter. I love to polish my nails, but I found that while I was putting the Rx4Nails on my bare nails, trying to get them healthy again, I started liking bare nails too, just so that I could see them healthy!

Thanks so much for making this available."

 - Kind regards, Carol

"Hi Chris, I just wanted to let you know that after using this product for a few months, I am AMAZED...it really works! Where I live (guam)it is very humid and for several years my nails would not grow or if it did just a tiny bit, it would break off, I would actually get fake nail put on, but I stopped and started to used ur product and guess what? I now have beautiful looking long nails, I am so happy. I will continue to purchase this product as long as it is available for me to do so. Thank you so much, I shall be ordering the Platinum Bottle real soon. Take care and congrats on such an Amazing product :)"

- Sandi ... Guam

“A couple of months ago I had shellac put on my nails for the first time. My nails looked great. As the nails grew out and the shellac started chipping off, back to the nail salon for a re-do. After soaking in acetone which didn't dissolve the shellac, the nail tech ground the shellac off and my nails were a disaster, splitting, chipping and breaking. I've been using Rx4Nails on my nails and cuticles and they're growing strong again.”
— Barbara Gurtner, Owner, Founder Wonderful Women's Network
“I tried every product you can imagine, spent tons of money… nothing worked till Rx4Nails. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and God bless you.”
— Marylin Goff
“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this wonderful product. I have been using it for only one week and it has performed a MIRACLE on my nails. They were very damaged from acrylics and toxic nail polish, etc. I have been struggling with them for months, trying to get them back to a healthy state. After just this first week of using Rx4Nails, there is a HUGE difference in my nails and I am so pleased. I have just ordered 2 of your largest size containers and will continue to use your product forever. It is truly amazing.”
— Thank you, Kim
“I absolutely love your product. I started using it about 9 months ago and I'm hooked. My nails are beautiful. I got this because I wanted to have my natural nails for my wedding in May and I have continued using it since and have told all my friends and family about it. Thank you for making a wonderful affordable product:)”
— Tina, Murietta CA
“I can't believe they're "my" nails!”
— Susan Fangman, Mane Attraction Pasco, WA
“I have used this product less than a week and my nails and cuticles look 100 percent better. My nails are still short of course, but they will grow. Can't wait to send before and after pictures. BUY THIS PRODUCT it is like nothing else you have tried!”
— Julie, Ithaca NY
“In spite of the fact that most products I buy for strengthening my nails, I went ahead one more time and bought Rx4Nails. WOW! am I glad. It really does work. My nails are definitely stronger, much less dry and brittle and growing rapidly. Thank you so much. My second order is being entered right now.”
— Michelle J
“I love this product. Within the first week my nails were longer, clearer, and stronger. When my nails grow out they are usually very bendy. I am definitely telling people about this product!”
— Lacey Gutcher, Hermiston, Oregon
“This is my third order. Your product is amazing. I have never found anything that makes my nails as strong and flexible as they are now. Thank you!”
— Holly P, Ocala, FL