Some time ago, Chris, the founder of Rx4Nails managed to get herself involved in producing a specialty item food product. After a few days of elbow-deep work, she noticed her nails had grown a good 1/16th of an inch!

For her this was a miracle. She also noticed they didn’t bend, tear, or break and that she had to file her nails back because they were getting too long! Who knew? Not her, she never had nails beyond the quick before – much less beyond the tip of her fingers.

Chris knew it could only be due to the single liquid ingredient, so she started working with this ingredient, and voila, a product was born! She realized many women and men could have the longer, healthier nails that she enjoyed.

It only takes a few seconds to apply, and out the door you go. Here’s how Chris did it:

  • Apply one drop to a fingernail, and “dot” the oil onto the other nails of that hand. Repeat on the other hand.
  • Massage into the nail, cuticle, and under the nail.
  • Use with nail polish, massaging the oil into the cuticle, nail edges, and under the tips-and still have stronger, healthier, prettier nails!
  • Done!

Who knew saving your nails could take only seconds? Seriously, could it get any easier? And even better Rx4Nails is made in the USA too!

Chris’s sister Alex wanted to take on the legacy of RX4Nails and keep her sisters dream alive to help people live happier healthier lives. Alex is challenging herself to be the best she can in this business and build on what Chris has done.


In Memory of Chris Landrum

September 24, 1952 – February 17, 2019


My sister Chris was a beautiful person with a huge heart for mankind, animals, and this beautiful earth. She had a strong belief in God. She was fun, loved to laugh (often to the point of tears). She was artistic, curious, definitely opinionated, entrepreneurial and politically motivated.

Rx4Nails was a reflection of my sisters spirit and her desire to help people.

Our Mom had naturally beautiful nails. We three daughters, RuthAnn, Alex and Chris, didn’t. Chris who was the nurse among us decided to do something about it and Rx4nails was born. I plan to continue her vision of helping both women and men who are nail challenged.